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5 of the Best Drinking Games for Students

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5 of the Best Drinking Games for Students

If there is one thing students love more than a cheap meal deal in Cork, it’s getting off their face on cheap booze. Or more specifically, playing games that will help them get off their face on cheap booze. And with alcohol being the focus of no end of student special offers here in Cork. There is a wealth of opportunity to sharpen your drinking game skills for a low price.

Students’ love of the humble drinking game begins as a great way to break the ice on the first night of freshers, and just never seems to go away. There are the ones everyone knows like ‘ring of fire’ or ‘international drinking rules’ but your fun needn’t stop there. There are heaps of other options to spice up your pre-drinks.

Here are 5 of the best drinking games to play with your uni mates.

I have never

AKA the game that forces you to reveal your entire sexual history to everyone present. This game is great for getting to know your new flatmates.

How to play:

It’s pretty simple. You each take turns to give a statement starting ‘I have never...’. For example ‘I have never been skinny dipping’. Everyone who has been skinny dipping has to drink.

Beer pong

The game that features in every American movie ever that has a frat party scene.

How to play:

Divide into 2 teams. Set up a triangle of plastic cups on either side of a table. Put a small amount of drink in each cup. Take turns to throw a ping pong ball into opponent’s cup. If you get it in, they have to drink its contents. Continue until one team has no cups left.


A student-friendly, drinking version of the traditional game.

How to play:

Write forfeits on Jenga blocks. Build tower. When you pull out a block you must perform the forfeit written on it.

Drink while you think

Grab a couple of people, go and find the cheapest student lunch in Cork, and then sit back with a drink and learn how terrible you are at performing under pressure.

How to play:

Everyone sits in a circle. The first person says the name of a celebrity e.g. Kylie Jenner. The next person must then start to drink, and continue to do so until they have thought of a celebrity whose first name begins with the first letter of the previous surname, in this case, ‘J’. And so on around the circle.


This one starts simple. And turns into an alcohol-fuelled nightmare.

How to play:

Everyone sits in a circle. Players go around the circle saying either 1, 2, or 3 consecutive numbers until the group reach 21. The player that said 21 then gets to replace a number with a rule. For example. Instead of the number 2, players must clap. Now the chain goes ‘1, clap, 3, 4, ...’. If someone messes up on a rule (so in this case, if they say 2 instead of clapping) they must drink and the chain begins again. Each time 21 is reached a new number is substituted for a rule, so eventually, almost all of the numbers will have been replaced.

There are a ton of student deals in Cork. What better way to make the most of them than by getting together with friends for a quality afternoon of screaming ‘DRINK’ at each other?

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