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The Best Student Nightclubs in Cork

best student nightclub in cork

The Best Student Nightclubs in Cork

Student life. The chance for you to better yourself. Spend your days and nights in the library researching your chosen subject and devouring books. An opportunity to have intellectual late night discussions with fellow scholars. Gain an in-depth and well-rounded education. Right?

Yea well when you’re done daydreaming, take a few minutes to educate yourself on the important things that will really make or break your university life. Blagging cheap food and drink, and the best place to go to guarantee a great night (even if you can’t remember it the next morning).

Assuming you’ve already used your degree level research skills to work out how to fill your face with the best student meal deals, and cheapest student lunch in Cork. We’ll move on to the nightlife.

So without further ado. Ladies and Gentlemen. The best student nightclubs in Cork.

Havana Browns

This is Corks longest running nightclub and is hugely popular with the cities 25,000+ students. Open 7 nights a week until 2 am so you’ll never be in the mood to party with no place to go. Tuesday night is student night with everything from electronic dance to hip hop. Choose to make the most of the student special offers from the comfort of the luxurious red room or the state of the art purple bar for a break from the dance floor.


Upstairs from The Hanover on Hanover Street, this is the club is famed for its dance nights. It might feel like a gritty warehouse, but this venue is decked out with a state of the art sound system that will have you dancing till the lights go on.


Open from Wednesday to Sunday, Chambers is Cork’s best LGBT club. Sporting DJ’s and live performances it’s always a fun night for all. Wednesday night is ‘Sinners’ night and the perfect time to find student friendly deals in Cork. Even on a tight student budget, drinks on offer for less than 3 euros won’t break the bank!

The Secret Garden

This unique club right next door to the ever popular Havana Browns has an ethereal design. Much like its neighbour, it’s open 7 nights a week, so every night can be student night.

Voodoo Rooms

Do you Voodoo? If you’re part of Cork’s lively student population, then the answer to that is probably yes. This 2 room nightclub may have only been around for a couple of years, but it’s managed to gain an impressive student following and is hugely popular with the young crowd in Cork.

Now that you know where to head to show off your dance moves after the bar closes. You’re fully prepared to embrace student life in Cork to the fullest.

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