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5 Things Every Private Party Venue Needs to Make A Great Night!

We all love a great party right, a party we hope never ends? But what goes into making a truly great night, like nights at The Meetball Place? What should every private party venue have to ensure its customers have the best time they can truly have? Perhaps you have a big of an idea, but these five things can ensure you have the best time possible!

1. Privacy!

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Don’t share your venue with people who aren’t there for you! Privacy in a venue can make the difference between a “get-together” and a true function. The price of privacy is well worth it! Do yourself a favor and book a place with the utmost privacy in a private function and opt for a private room or private area. You’ll thank yourself when you avoid the party crashers!

2. Ensure Your Venue has a Full Late Bar License!

Having a great time, but you notice the clock moving forward? Worried that you may be cutting it close on time on the bar? Throw those worries out the window by ensuring when you book a place that the bar has a full late bar license! Pop your wine corks with confidence and party until you and your party feels done!

3. Get On the Dance Floor!

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There is nothing worse than a dull party! Ensure you maximize fun at your private function by booking a place with a private dancefloor. Though you yourself may not be the sort to bust a funky move on the dancefloor, your party will thank you! Let your party goers have fun while you make fantastic memories of watching their dance moves, or get into the groove yourself!

4. With Great Music Brings Great Fun!

Another important point to ensure in a venue is making sure the place has a fantastic music system! Make the most of the dance floor you have by ensuring great music first. Places that may have music that is too low, or even too loud can hinder any fun you and your guests may be having. Ask to listen to the music system first to see if it’s to your liking, you’ll thank yourself later!

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5. Full Guests are Happy Guests!

What is one of the things people look forward to in a party the most? The food! Having great food, and great choices in food, for your guests is a huge plus. And by making sure you have a venue that is complete with great food, you make the most out of your money as well! Don’t be dismayed by leftover food that no one wished to eat, make sure your venue is great beforehand, most places will give samples when you’re looking to book!

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And there you have it! Five great ways to ensure that your private party has the night of their lives! So go on!

Get to booking! Call us on 021 2390535 now and pop your corks! And most of all… HAVE FUN!

About the Author

The Meatball restaurant is run by Grainne and Tony Costello and is the first restaurant of its kind in Ireland. It is either genius or crazy but one way or anther we are going to find out! We hope you will join us!