the meatball revolution

We are on the frontlines

in a fight against tasteless Meat

Will you join us?

The Meatball Place is not only passionate about Meatballs, but we are 100% committed to making the Meatball Place the most fun, best craic, best value, best food and just best all round place you will ever be in. That is our goal. We want to be more than a restaurant, the Meatball Place is on a mission to make food fun again.

  • Why can’t you have a beer on a Monday?
  • Why can’t you enjoy a glass of wine on a Wednesday?
  • Why can’t you meet friends any time, any day and enjoy some good banter with some great food

Restaurants have become stuffy places where we dress up and go to celebrate special occasions. Well no more!
No one needs a special occasion to enjoy some great beer or wine with great food at an affordable price with great company.

THIS is what the Meatball is fighting against – Food is life and places where food is served should be brimming WITH THAT life.
We want to capture that and restore it – will you join us?

  • Join us in a fight against boredom
  • Join us in a fight against over-priced food
  • Join us in a fight against ‘appropriate behaviour’
  • Join us in a fight against talking with your mouth full.

SCREW SOCIAL ETIQUETTE – Laugh out loud, drink too much and stuff your face with good ole fashioned delicious Meatballs. A food designed for everyone.

Not only will you become soldiers on the frontlines against over-priced mediocre food, but we will keep you up to date on specials, deals, offers and more.

Some of which will only be for you guys!


Deals, special events, competitions
and more.

Only for our Meatball Maniacs!